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Celestial Insects Pins 2: Sun & Moon Kickstarter! by MothMonarch

Celestial Insects Pins 2: Sun & Moon Kickstarter!


14 July 2021 at 08:58:56 MDT

The "Celestial Insects" enamel pin series continues the exploration of the great and the small with all-new designs! The sun rises and the warmth of day appears after the starry night in this collectible set featuring highly requested insect species.

The Celestial Insects series includes designs based on real species with each patterned and posed with symbols of the day and night, blending their natural appearances with heavenly shapes. The primary set includes five beautiful bugs, and there are three stretch goals to unlock should the campaign do particularly well!

Pledge for as many as you like & spread the word to help us fund the starting set and unlock additional designs and goals! All this project needs is you to become real. Check out the campaign now for more information. Please spread the word & thank you so much! πŸ›