Friends of Anthrocon: Cappy by MothMonarch

Friends of Anthrocon: Cappy


9 July 2019 at 14:47:14 MDT

Four new "Friends of Anthrocon" were created for Anthrocon 2019 to represent convention partners to attendees and the public! I continued my position as Anthrocon staff for the fourth year in this ongoing project.

It remains important to me that these mascots express a variety of interests, body types, gender expressions, and so on to illustrate the welcome and open nature of the fandom at its best. The project has now also reached a new stage as we've begun to show the world of the characters together interacting - something we intend to keep doing and building on in the future.

Anthrocon has worked with the Gateway Clipper to provide fursuit-friendly cruises along the river during the convention for a few years; they now have their own Friend representative in Cappy, a friendly carp captain!

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