Elementals: STAR by MothMonarch

Elementals: STAR


19 June 2018 at 02:42:18 MDT

From the Elemental commissions round two, here is JenoraFeuer as a STAR Elemental!

The many stars scattering light across our night sky are often romanticized as a beautiful backdrop for our passions and imaginations. The ancients played connect-the-dots among these bright points, forming constellations we still know and follow as they dance above us throughout the year. Much more than far-off specks, however, each star is as our own sun, blazing with power and adrift in a emptiness so dark and vast it may as well be endless. Could any of these be giving life to their own worlds, farther away than we will ever discover? A Star Elemental knows their secrets, their intensity. She shines like them, drifting in a dream along the great expanse with a spark of life held close at her chest.