Elementals: RETRO / V̴͙̂AP̴̞͂O̷̞͑R̶̛͈WẢ̷͙VE by MothMonarch

Elementals: RETRO / V̴͙̂AP̴̞͂O̷̞͑R̶̛͈WẢ̷͙VE


19 June 2018 at 02:40:29 MDT

From the Elemental commissions, here is Jabberdragon's Reia as a RETRO Elemental!

Some of us are in just that right age bracket to vividly remember those graphic trends associated with early home computers. Wireframe fields set the virtual stage for pixellated palm trees to cast shadows across setting gradient suns. Kids with backwards caps "surfed the web" sporting jackets in long since dated color combos. The retro Elemental maintains this nostalgic space and revels in the enthusiasm of its bright colors, straddling the strange line between ephemeral and enduring as what was then comes around again.