Let's Go to Otter Space by MothMonarch

Let's Go to Otter Space


10 June 2016 at 21:33:36 MDT

Two little otters are off to explore the galaxy with jetpacks! Get this brand-new shirt design NOW at DBH!

A partner design to the original Otter Space. Or, well, the otter's found a partner, anyway! :D


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    HAHA. I love the little rings under their jetpacks to indicate thrust, and the cute simple expressions!

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      I was imagining the thrust rings as making a very soft little 'putt putt' sound as I was drawing it (despite there being no sound in space) and it amused me greatly.

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        I'd be more concerned about those exposed tails, haha! Still, love that mental image, I can hear the putt putt sound in my head. :)