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Requests Open!

on 2 January 2018 at 16:19:24 MST

I now have a designated request form!

Feel free to submit your characters to this and have the chance of getting them drawn for free. :>

The rules, as it says at the top of the form:

Here's how this works:
1. Follow me on any social media platform.
2. Fill out this form.
3. Whenever I feel like it, I'll pick randomly from the list and draw something. Generally speaking, the designs that appeal to me the most will have a better chance to get drawn. If I am looking for something in particular, I'll make a post about it. (For example, I might be wanting to draw anthros!) Drawings might be digital or traditional. If they're traditional and you want me to send it to you, you'll have to cover shipping costs.
4. Every month, this form will get refreshed. If your character was not drawn through this before, you're welcome to submit them again! Reset is on the first of every month.

By submitting your character here, you give me the right to draw them.

If you would like to remove your character from the list, you can go back and edit your response, or send me an e-mail/message and I'll do it for you.

Keep in mind that you are not guaranteed art from me by using this form. If you would like to commission me for completed art of your character, please check my commission information here:

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