Dapper Goat by MLR

Dapper Goat


20 October 2015 at 18:27:16 MDT


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    You know what I find freaky... animals with slotted eyes will actually rotate their eye when their head changes its relative angle to the horizon in order to keep their pupil parallel with the horizon. This is done in order to maintain a maximum field of view where threats are most likely to come from.

    So, were this goat to give a bow, his eyes would rotate in their socket. That's some fucking space alien bullshit.

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      That's very interesting. Maybe out of politeness, goats close their eyes when they bow so that they don't weird out their interlocutors so much.

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        So goats that bow with open eyes are seen as shifty and paranoid. Suddenly we're building a culture.

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          Anthropomorphic goat culture. Yes.

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            I don't know, man. I know some goats... if they bow at me, something's going on.

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    I can see this goat in an advertisement.
    Look into my eyes...and tell me are you not touched with a tad of envy regarding my suit?
    Don't be another sheep from the meadows of the Shoddily Dressed; visit the Capra Warehouse, the finest emporium for suits and ties that make you stand out from the Herd!

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      At least he's not advertising tobacco, that sleazeball.