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Tentacles From Beyond by Mistress-Phantom

Tentacles From Beyond


Tentacles from beyond. Rossem, the all-powerful latexmancer, is overpowered, unbeatable, and interested in Phantom. Rossem is difficult to resist. He's got quite a few outifts and looks, every one of them dangerously sexy. His ideas are unbeatable; his magicks are nice, thick, shiny, and eager to grab and coat and gulp down the pretty things that he spies. 

Rossem looks good. Nay, he looks great. Phantom? She also looks good, but she doesn't look quite as special. She'll spend a long time moaning and squirming on the floor under his nice, thick red-bottom boot... though she'll be giving compliments up until she disappears into a rubbery portal. 🖤

Wanted to submit this for posterity; it was a LordDragonMaster piece that I've always been in love with. 

Original Artist:

Original Commissioner, Rossem Klyn

Very worth following. 

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