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A Trophy Night To Remember by Mistress-Phantom

A Trophy Night To Remember


The Specialist raised a glass. 

"A pretty little thing," he said. His mask contorted slightly, looking gracious. Grateful. As if he was toasting 'good-bye' to a beloved friend. 

The mouth opened and he drank. It matched with the echoing squeaks from the vac-sealed creature on the wall. 

Bright lights were hitting it - it was an art piece, after all. A valuable one. A precious one. Why else would he have gone to all the trouble to keep it so comfortable, so mint-condition? All the advanced polymers to ensure that his laminated little piece would "retain its value" indefinitely. When he decided he'd be taking her down off of her mount, she'd be in just the same gorgeous, pristine, laminated condition as when he'd had her sealed. 

The squeaks grew louder. The art piece, clad in her outfit, gagged, stuffed, strained against sticky sheets that kept every little micron of her restrained. He could hear her exhaling and grunting, and he licked his lips. The squeaking was no small part of the fun. Most of it, though, was still the sights. Seeing her eyes practically watering, nose flaring, fingers twitching. All that strength, now reduced to naught.

 She'd struggle as hard as she could, only to feel her limbs snap back into place. Legs squeaked and stretched. Latex kept her cozy and compressed all the same. His beloved objet d'art was free to thrash as much as she wished - and he also wished it. But no matter how much she moaned or squirmed or resisted, she wouldn't be going anywhere. "Phantom" was his thing, his piece, his desire. Pristine. Sweet. Iconic.

He blushed behind his mask. Thankfully, she didn't see it... though she did lock eyes with his glowing lenses. He was practically salivating looking at her, because he could feel her. Her vac-seal was his touch - metaphorically, literally. His marvelous polymers holding her, hugging her, clutching her tight. An unending hug of his own design. 

The Specialist finished his drink and moved in closer. Phantom squealed. It was music to his ears.

Spoooky! 👻 Is this a shared kinky dream by The Specialist and Phantom?
Is it a nightmare? 
Is this perhaps a terrifyingly sensual waking reality for the Directrix? 
Anything's possible come the Saimhan! 🎃

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