"...it is more a system of government." by Mistress-Phantom

"...it is more a system of government."


29 December 2019 at 20:15:59 MST

I've agonized for years about what Phantom's 'normal' clothes look like. She has a costume for kinky spying, and also a costume for play. She has an outfit for when she needs to go full supervillain, but what about the boardroom? It's hard to imagine her delivering a fiscal plan in coattails. several outfits had been tried over the years and all of them worked in their own ways. But this one is my new favorite, without a doubt. It's definitely hercanon outfitfor "corporate" scenarios when she needs to give a presentation, fly in a helicopter, have a sketch meeting about setting up a honeypot for hackers...

This is her canon 'business' outfit, with two versions - one with an ushanka-type hat and a longer coat for travel, and one for when a bit more subtlety is needed. Both of them are awesome and amazing, and the artist did a phenomenal job with concepting them and bringing them to life.

This second image, specifically, is for indoors.

Image by @Voughtvindicator. The original artist, IMHO, doesn't get enough love. Head over and change that!

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