"Mirage is not a corporation... by Mistress-Phantom

"Mirage is not a corporation...


29 December 2019 at 20:13:59 MST

MirageCorp International

Rating: AA

Leadership: Phantom
Chairman of the Board: Phantom
Corporate Status: Private
Operations: Chemicals, materials science

MirageCorp,much like its mercurial founderPhantom, is agile, slim, and unforgiving.

Although it has made many ventures over the years, MCI is now fully committed to its main role as a chemical and materialsmanufacturer. Some of the world's most advanced designs come from its palatious industrial laboratories. Many independent scientists have been known to join its workforce under dubious circumstances. Some are even known to go missing.

Its numerous products are not consumer-facing, but have commercial applications. Smart latex, variations on synthex, and numerous other substances all have practical uses. Nonlethal weaponry, clothing, and medical equipment all rely on MirageCorp's continued supply of patented formulae and difficult-to-replicate precision materials.

There are rumors in the shadowlands of less-than-legal practices. Kidnapping. Extortion. Blackmail. Sabotage. MirageCorp is powerful enough to have its very own extraterritorality , which it uses to jealously guard its holdings and punish those who'd attempt to do its profits or owner harm.

And, for those that do attempt a breach, few return unscathed. Rumors of men and women, anonymized as literal corporate drones, abound. Gagged and mewling secretaries; breathless and moaning captives in private prisons. Former playthings turned to helpless art to touch and tease.

All of this leads back to Phantom, who debuts this new year with a new outfit. Even the most jaded of stock-watchers have an opinion on the Swingfire™ design.

Image drawn by @VoughtVindcator on deviantart.

If you have further MirageCorp questions, feel free to ask.

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