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The Most Toys by Mistress-Phantom

The Most Toys


11 January 2019 at 15:57:05 MST

Arma pays a visit to MirageCorp, hoping to start a lucrative contract with Phantom. It's a classic story of greed versus evil.

F/m, latex, enclosure, bondage.

I've been playing a lot of a game called Cultist Simulator recently. The writing is superb; every game written by Alexis Kennedy has a fascinating tone that's a mix of the silly, somber, and spooky. One of his hallmarks is extensive use of metaphor. Inspired by that writing - and a strong need to do more writing myself - I set to doing this piece.

The resulting work is something short, shiny, and enjoyable. I am quite proud of it.

Featuring cameos by @Khayos-Rave as a toy, @ArmaBiologica 's Arma as a visiting scientist, and @hopee1943 's Hope & Elise as forced employees of Phantom.