I will make you talk, filthy rebel.... by Mistress-Phantom

I will make you talk, filthy rebel....


3 December 2018 at 19:38:25 MST

Drawn by @yacermino

"The Supreme Directrix" is an alternate version of Phantom - more grounded in pulpy space opera than the modern day. Although The Directrix has plenty in common with her modern day or fantasy counterparts, she's a far more conniving and serious dictator.

...that is, if you consider a pulpy dictator 'serious.' She jealously lords over her planet and its inhabitants from the fearsome Stronghold of Subjugation. Outsiders are welcome, though be wary - good-looking men or women have been known to disappear within the territory of the Directrix. Rumors of dungeons and harems abound, each more exotic and fantastic than the last. Tales of her lascivious behavior are rivaled only by rumors of her excess and cruelty. More than a few describe 'trophy halls' of her political enemies, where rebels are enshrined in bondagized stasis for all the public to see.

She brooks no rebellion on her world or its neighbors. Unique cybernetic implants allows her to operate as a "Big Mother," spying on citizens and hopping from body to body to be in multiple places at one time. More than once, a dashing hero has reported destroying The Directrix, only to learn that the body was only an empty proxy.

Pictured above, the true Phantom is eager to make a rebel talk. She's been stripped and bound, and granted a fat red ball-gag to mute her. Not silence, mind you - for the dictator prefers to hear the mewls and moans of her captives. All the better if she can eventually break them, turning their moans for mercy into moans for more...

Yacermino is one of the finest artists I've ever had the chance to chat with. I did a story about his lovely Prince Stavos a while back, and he's been kind enough to draw the Directrix before. :thumb712402281:

His contributions to the world of kinkiness and comics are undisputed! I urge you all to check out his old blog or his page on DeviantArt.