The Church of the Ebon Vault by Mistress-Phantom

The Church of the Ebon Vault


3 December 2018 at 19:47:03 MST

Image drawn by @UsagiForehead.

A quick little story idea that I had while talking with the always-clever @Rossem-Klyn . Make sure to check out his page for other great characters and ideas!

I liked the idea so much that I wanted to have an image to go with it. UF is always great for a quick little idea.

Also, some gorgeous little cameos by other thoroughly wrapped, bound, and encased captives. Thanks to @LadyVioli , @MusicalMarche , and @LukePwner for being such nice 'sacrifices' ;)

And of course, major thanks to @hopee1943 for being such a gorgeous little victim... and to @Rossem-Klyn for being such a fantastic eldritch god entombed in the Ebon Vault!