Gabeden Badge by MistingWolf

Gabeden Badge


19 February 2017 at 21:29:17 MST

For moatsquirrel through the ConbadgeExchange group! Hope you like it!

This was a rather neon-y character, and I don't own any neon colored pencils... I did the best I could to at least get close. He's a gryphon/wyvern hybrid. Very cool to get to draw an eagle face! It's been a really long time.

Also, more feathers. I seem to be on a feather binge of late

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    Yeah, I don't know how to work Weasyl stuff to get icons to show up or to hyperlink. XD

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      I always link other pages by doing [text].(URL); just remove the period so that the closing bracket and opening parenthesis are touching. On the other hand, you could click the "formatting help" text next to the "submit comment" button, which will take you to a page where you can learn about the site's formatting techniques.

      This looks like it was a fun character to work with! The end result looks nice as well.

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        Ah, thanks! I never really noticed that little Formatting Help there... I will have to check it out.

        He was fun! Thank you! ^_^

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    omer gurhsh he's so cute! I kinda just squeed loudly as the page loaded, I loves it! ^w^ lol i didn't know how to do the icon thing either and happened to look down and go "oh, there's a thing for that" O//O , i came back to weasyl to do the conbadge exchange :3