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[Gift] Cheveyo! (Alt. Version: Inspired by Naomy) by MisterEclipse

[Gift] Cheveyo! (Alt. Version: Inspired by Naomy)


15 March 2015 at 15:08:14 MDT


Anyways. xD

It was my good friend StarlightEnigma's birthday recently! ^.^ This is her character, Cheveyo. I don't think she has a lot of art drawn of him, so yeah. o3o I decided to draw him. I liked it a lot! He was a lot of fun to draw.

Happy Birthday, Starlight! ^.^ Hope you like it~

The effects I used for this alternate version were inspired by Naomy's art! I like it because it makes this feel a lot more magic-y. I probably won't be using this technique too often, since it's what she's known for.

Seriously though, go check out Naomy's art! It's fantastic, and much better than mine. ^.^