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CODE: XANA by MisterEclipse



I guess that XANA won this battle, eh?

Geezus it's been so long since I've posted... Sorry about that. I needed to draw something to get back into the groove of things, as I haven't been able to draw much because of moving and homework, and all that fun stuff. :P I should be back up to speed soon, though.

This is a fun little thing that I made that was inspired by what is still my all time favorite show: Code Lyoko. This was super duper fun to draw, and I think I may do more of XANA-esque things in the future. ^.^

The character is just a random wolf (?) thing. o3o I didn't base it off of anything, I just drew something that looks disheveled and sorta menacing. It's been possessed by XANA, the series' main villain. If you haven't already watched the show yet, I suggest you do! It's a bit weird, since it's a French anime-cartoon thing, but hey. xD

Here is a link to the font that I used!
Code Lyoko - Gunship

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    This is awesome! I remember Code Lyoko; I was obsessed as a kid!

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      Thank you!~ ^.^ My entire childhood was this show and a few others. It was so intense for a cartoon. ouo I wish that kids these days had access to awesome shows like Code Lyoko.

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        Yeah, it was really intense. When Cartoon Network aired it, they never aired the last episodes so I had literally a five or six year long cliffhanger. So do I. I haven't seen the entire remake so I don't have an opinion on it, but if it is good, it still won't be the same as seeing the original Code Lyoko.

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          Yeah, I only got random episodes, so that was apparently a thing. xD;; When I watched it all, it was fantastic. ouo

          Also, Code Lyoko: Evolution is a continuation of the old show. o3o Apparently. I haven't watched any of it yet, but I really want to!

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    I just started re-watching code lyoko recently ... my childhood!!! XDDD

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      Same! ;;w;; I need to do more Code Lyoko stuff... I've watched the entirety of the show at least three times.

      Then Netflix removed everything from the special in between seasons two and three and onwards. xD;; When I was watching it for the fourth time.

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        It's currently on Hulu as far as I know

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          Really? :o I'm about to go start watching this again!

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            Apparently it's not on there anymore, it was on it about 2 months ago :/

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              Aww, really? Damn that sucks. ono Oh well... Maybe it'll be back sometime. ^.^