Sailor Mars by MissMonie

Sailor Mars


13 September 2018 at 00:37:24 MDT

Keeping up with last year's depiction of my character named Mercury dressed as sailor Mercury, I decided to draw Mono as Mars. Well because of that and because I promised to draw him after that bust a few weeks back. I haven't drawn him in a long time, let alone colored him. I really should change that. Especially since I had some fun with him.

Mono's not too pleased with being in heels. Or being caught in heels or a skirt. Truth be told, he's probably having some trouble walking in them. laughs

Kinda broke his right leg in this. I realized it when shading and went "well, crap." and just kept going. I also had a hard time with the heels. I should practice drawing shoes more. The skirt for him wasn't half as hard as drawing Mercury's last year so that's a plus?

I may draw Dameon dressed as Jupiter soon but if I don't get him done this year, I'll draw him next year as Jupiter. I still have a spooky doodle up in the air I may try to do this year. I hope I can. Even if I don't get it done for Halloween this year I'll likely still try to make it sometime.

While he's changed very little from his original concept from ten years ago, the one thing that's stayed has been his guyliner. Anyone want to take a stab at what rockstar it's inspired from?

Mono belongs to me.

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