His Sister Made Him by MissMonie

His Sister Made Him


30 August 2018 at 17:43:19 MDT

"Tor, what's with the harem getup?"
"...When your sister invites you to a costume party, make sure you buy your own first."
"At least blue suits you."

Toren knows better than to argue with his sister when she wants him to come join the fun with her. It's better to wear the belly dancer outfit than have her throw water on his sheets and freeze it in the night.

And of course he looks good in blue. It's his husband's preferred color and it even looks nice on his nails.
I hadn't drawn Toren in a while and I'd like to think this time is better than the last. Learning a little more about shading and using it to make more detail without the use of hard lines.
His braid was loads of fun to color and I waffled between having his hair with the green tint I give Monie and making it a dark brown/black. In the end, like the other drawing of him, I chose the tint because the twins do switch places sometimes.

I looked at some refs and fiddled around with the poser tool in clip studio. That thing's super helpful. Hopefully if I'm able to do it, you'll see Toren again very soon. Bonding with Monie. Maybe a little too much...

Toren belongs to me

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