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Just another furry artist trying to make their way! This will be changed at a later date when I have updated some things.

Please feel free to message me regarding art and commissions.

Currently have one Full Piece slot open, and no reference slots open.

Everything else I can offer are free on slots so don't be afraid to ask!



Latest Journal

Art Fight 2021 and Update

☾ Hello lovelies ♥ ☽

Hello once again guys! Doing some updating of my socials
for the upcoming month, and just overall doing a little bit of
a word vomit of what I am currently doing.


I plan to do some mass uploading soon on here and doing
a bit of commission listing and price adjustment. I really
enjoy Weasyl and would love to try to be more active on here.
Since my post was copped from my DA page, expect some
strange wording. Bless y'all. ♥


I've been doing a bunch of different things recently, one
of which being testing out Clip Studio's base pens to find the
ones I like the most. I have been using the pencils in specific
to do some of my morning warmups on my work days. I'm thinking
about opening up some slots for them since they have a decent
turn around rate and look quite decent. We'll see soon enough!
I will prolly draw Chyna a few more times using this technique
until I am happy with the finished product before offering them,
however. Along with concepts and unpolished sketches of my
monsters and other OCs.


As some of you know, I've been working on world building
with concepts from my dreams and slowly creating a in depth look
into the world and it's inhabitants. For now I am just calling
it 'The Dream Project', but I am likely to change that in the
future the more polished the project becomes. Recently, I've
been prodding into the inhabitants that live along side the
beasts in the world and writing a more in depth lore for them. I
plan to, in the near future, share some of it publicly. That
being said however, I will be keeping a large portion of the
information and concepts behind a Patreon. As unfortunate as
it sounds, I would love to gauge the interest in the project along
with be able to pay my expenses while working on something I
truly love working on. But no one will be left out of the loop
completely. ♥


I also am gonna finish this off with stating that, if not
already obvious, I am doing Art Fight this year! If anyone wants
you can find me here!

I will likely start off with people who are watching me on there,
so if you are participating... Please come follow me. :3c You
may get something nice in return, who knows. ♥ I do both Revenge
and Friendly fire.


Art Fight! Cyberpunk


And one more thing! Should you want to support me financially,
I now have a Ko-Fi and an Artconomy that you may buy my commissions
through. Artconomy is highly preferred when buying slots from
me, and is super easy to sign up and start browsing, so please
do consider just ordering through there. Super hassle free, and
helps me to keep myself on track. I even have two of my current
art slots featured there! I appreciate if y'all check it out!


Ko-Fi | Deviantart | Redbubble | Picarto

Twitter | Weasyl | Toyhouse ~ Miss Lovely ♥

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Bust sketch
from $ 30.00
to $ 90.00

Sketch 2

Fullbody sketch
from $ 50.00
to $ 150.00

Commission Info
----------------------------------------------☾Art Status☽------------------------------------------------


Trades: Open

Requests: Closed




---------------------------------------☾Commission Status☽----------------------------------------

Commission are open, check Trello before asking about a full piece~


30$ Half body

50$ Full Body

----Non Background----
60$ Half Body

80$ Full Body

----Full Pieces----
100$ Base SFW

150$ Base NSFW


Base of 50$ for full pieces, subject to change on complexity.

Base of 20$ for non background pieces, subject to change on complexity.


⛥ Price on pieces will vary depending on specifications, key notes that may raise the prices:

♥ Character and Background detail

♥ Amount of characters in the piece in question.

♥ Changes in the piece made at any time past the Sketching phase.

♥ NSFW pieces will always cost 50$ more.

-------------------------------------------------- ☾TOS☽-----------------------------------------------------

----Payment and Return Policy--------------------------------------------------------------------

All payments will be made in full before I start my work, no exceptions.

----Return Policy----

You will be offered a partial or full refund on your purchase if there is failure to complete on my end for:

♥ Three months not finished

♥ Unable to continue a piece for x reason. [If I cancel a piece due to harassment, you will only get half of what was paid back.]

I will not issue refunds unless one of these two things are happening
on my end! I can't afford to refund a piece I am working on for any
other reason, thank you for understanding.

------[Drawing restrictions]---------------------------------------------------------------------------

As most artists do, I have my strengths in some areas of art as well as my weakness, but I will draw most anything that is not of a controversial nature. So please do not be afraid to ask about a commission idea!

Will Draw:

Light Gore

Same sex pairings

Substance usage

OCxFandom character

Will Not Draw:

Extreme fetishes [ask about if a NSFW will fall into this line]

I have only listed some larger notes here, so if you are curious where your commission idea would lay, Send me a message and I am more than happy to elaborate. ♥

Please note that commissioners need to be 18+ or older to get NSFW pieces. And any characters in NSFW pieces also need to be 18+. No exceptions! ♥

--------------------------------------------☾Keep in mind☽----------------------------------------------

♥ Turnover rate can be anywhere from two weeks, to two months on full pieces depending on queue.

♥ Full payment must be paid before I start work!

♥ Harassment will not be dealt with, period.

♥ Please credit my work if you are posting it elsewhere that you've bought!

♥ Do not redistribute, re-sell, trace, edit or claim my pieces as your own!

♥ Ask others before commissioning their OCs with anyone.

By contacting me, it is suggested that you've read through all the terms and conditions of my commission sheet. Any problems that may arise from you not fully reading the sheet may result in blacklisting in the future [up to a year, or even permanently!]

All socials can be found here:



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