She thinks she's cool. by Mirera

She thinks she's cool.


3 June 2014 at 19:51:35 MDT

She totally is, and you know it. <( ̄︶ ̄)>

This is something I do.. QUITE often in real life. I mean, srsly. If we are together, and listening to pretty familiar music to me and there is a guitar solo? Yeah, get ready. It will happen. |)
Of course... the nips and undies probably wont be out./spoiler
It just gets me goin'. ;D

Headbanging is also common, but not as common, because WHIPLASH!
"...There is a feeling deep inside
That drives you fuckin' mad
A feeling of a hammerhead
You need it oh so bad..."

Character & art: mirera

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    chuckles I usually only do that with drums since if I air guitar along I'll just pick up my actual guitar and play it. :p

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      I wish I still had my guitar. It was an acoustic electric my dad gave me. Bah. I only knew how to play little songs though, nothing huge. Air guitar though, I can play some amazing air guitar. :p

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        That's the best part. No equipment needed. :p

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    Cool but adorable as heck~ <3

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      Haha yeah!! owo\m/

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    dood, your art has gotten REALLY good over the last year or two o.o

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      Wow thank you!! :D
      I try my hardest!

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        well, i may have said it before, but if not, here it is now: all your efforts are paying off!

        this looks fantastic, hun! if I had an idea as to what I'd want to see drawn, I'd probably ask you for a commission! haha