Lake of Bunny by Mircea

Lake of Bunny


1 May 2021 at 10:01:34 MDT

Tonight is the night we call "the night of the respawning" (in pro gamer fashion) according to Romanian Orthodox tradition. As personal tradition requires, let us tribute a new Easter Bunny render for this lovely year! Which in my bible represents the one time I'm allowed to come out of miss bunny... fun and games for one night then it's time to go back to swimming in a stewy realm of molten carrots and veggies.

This time I'm using a fully procedural landscape made entirely from scratch, which I'm planning to move to its own blend file and further improve on; The meshes and textures are all node and displacement based, while the grass is now made out of curves converted from hair particles. I'm half tempted to turn it into a functional orbiting planet next, the vertex count is going to explode.

P.S. Odd as it sounds for me to brag about this, tonight I'll be going to church with my mother and friends. Let the night of defiance begin 🥰

Judy model: Splatypi, CC0,
Basket model: Gregzaal, CC-BY,