Dr. Vulgaris by mira_drgn

Dr. Vulgaris


7 September 2019 at 16:36:26 MDT

She is absolutely not a real licensed doctor, she just abbreviated the scientific name for the dragon lily (dracunculus vulgaris) and made it her pseudonym to trick people into thinking she is.

Anyway yeah hi this is the Evil Horny Scientist Version of Mira lol. She does dubious plant science that mainly revolves around prehensile animate vines with no regard for personal space, pollens and spores with weird effects (paralysis, aphrodisiac, mind control, etc), fruits that physically change your body, good stuff like that.

She's wily and potentially fairly dangerous, but fortunately for the world at large she's also kind of a bumbling klutz, has a propensity for winding up a victim of her own weird horny experiments, and is generally more interested in discovery and "progress" and pursuing the things she wants than actual world domination or anything like that. She still has her share of run-ins with obnoxious heroes because "ohhh you can't kidnap people and use weird spores to brainwash them and turn them into subservient plant symbiotes," "waahhh you've unwittingly caused a rapidly-growing epidemic of vine growth threatening to consume everything in sight." "boohoo you could be using this technology to end world hunger and you're just using it to make weird sex stuff," it's fuckin annoying honestly! Let a girl bang her plants in peace.

As per usual, there's a Dropbox folder of additional versions! (Including NSFW ones in a separate folder): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pof32hvpf3twbbh/AAD4NFcFnTpnE-E_thY2Ghg_a?dl=0

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