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I'm Mira! I draw sometimes! I tend to check Twitter and FA far more often, so check below if you want to find me elsewhere!

My gallery has separate folders for content involving vore/hyper/etc, and for scat/gas-related content, so just make sure to heed the folder names if there's any particular content you don't (or do!) want to see

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On my use of this site going forward

on 10 July 2020 at 21:09:58 MDT

So, I haven't posted anything here since the start of the year. Part of that is because i just haven't been able to draw very much at all due to physical and mental health issues, but much of it is because... Weasyl just kinda hasn't worked out as I hoped. There are a lot of features I like on this site over FA, such as functional content filtering and blocking, and custom thumbnails that Actually Work! But... the traffic on this site is plain and simply too low for it to feel worth the time uploading to and managing an extra gallery.

I'm gonna upload the last couple things that got posted to my FA and not here, but after this update... I won't guarantee any more of my work will be posted here. I might come back every once in a while to do batch uploads, but even that much I can't promise.

If you want to keep up-to-date with my art or get in touch with me, I do still post actively on FA and twitter, which you can find links to in my profile above!

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    hey butts are pretty rad and so are you

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      well, i am a butt irl, so, ,

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        woah what a coincidence

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    could I commission you to do a weird color thing?

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      aaa, im flattered, thank you, but unfortunately i don't really do commissions or anything ;w;

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        I understand! you have wonderful art though!!

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    wait did i not comment here. i should have commented here. here is my comment. when pressed for comment, anfael mumbled something about comments