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Trusting a Toon with your Drink by Miniwigi

Trusting a Toon with your Drink


...probably wasn't the best idea Mini's ever had. What made him think it'd be okay to let Will grab him a drink, I'll never know, but the results are quite big, bombastic, and resulted in a LOT of raichu tail! Of course, Will couldn't help but giggle at the sight of his little trick working, and seeing Mini grow so disproportionately...what Will wasn't counting on though, was the fact that Mini could still use that giant thing, which promptly resulted in the chu giving Will a big enough WHUMP to smash him flat! The chu hardly knows how long that tail of his is gonna remain massive, but what I know for sure is that annoyed chu intends to keep Will properly smushed flat like a disk till it wears off, and who knows when that'll happen...


Here's a pic I got a loooooong while back featuring Mini and Will, and in a super unique artstyle too! I really love the way that Kit's style looked, and knew that an idea like this would be quite fun to see with these two. And as such, we have the lovely results seen here~

Art is by kitsovereign

Mini and Will belong to miniwigi

Originally posted on 2022-06-23.

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