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Brothers Under the Sun 🔆 by MiLe-08

Brothers Under the Sun 🔆


“I had been waiting so long to run free but that good-bye was harder than I ever imagined. I’ll never forget that boy… and how we won back our freedom together.”

Spirit is one of the movies I used to watch when I was young, watched it years after it was released if I’m not mistaken. Anyway, I really wanted to depict that moment after Spirit jumps off that canyon, jumps off to freedom, I really like it ^w^

I love how Little Creek and Spirit start trusting each other (Or well, Spirit starts trusting him lol) and how they develop in so little time and with just a few lines, it’s always sad when he let’s Rain go with Spirit, one can see that he really cared about her.

Wanted to draw something about Spirit for years, I finally got the chance so I took it, did different sketches until I settled on the poses and background. Replicating the style was very fun, I loved working on it! x3

Title is obvious inspired by this song, one of the best songs of the movie, if I may say x3

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