Talent, Honor, Discipline by Miina

Talent, Honor, Discipline


14 January 2015 at 17:28:59 MST

Omgsquee! This is so cute! xD
Thank you Bunnyta, you rock my socks so hard.

http://youtu.be/q4P8YVnm7_w \m/!

Some League of Legends cosplay!


  • furball as Nidalee about to go 48/0/32 on everyone. Because that's what furball do when he plays Nid.
  • starstorm as Midnight Ahri about to steal your essence if you know what I mean.
  • miina as Vi who saw an enemy in the bush and is about to pummel them into oblivion.
  • redisdead with Bunnyta as Royal Guard Fiora who hasn't poked her eyes out with her sword yet, and Asi as Jinx because he's a trap.

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