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Hi everyone~
I'm known as Miina, online at least. Welcome to my page here on Weasyl where you'll see some things I like! So feel free to take a look in the land of bunnies. Yeah, for real I'm anthro bunny obsessed. Yes, please. <3

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Life's Tail

I'm doing fairly good. I'm active with my life more than I've been in ages, however, it really doesn't feel like it's that much.

I guess I could say that I'm stuck? I mean I'm doing okay, physically. But mentally is another thing entirely; depression amongst other things has been difficult. Feels like I'm drowning, and when I can finally get above water, I don't know where to go. like I'm blind, or there's a heavy fog. I could be very near the shore or in the middle of the ocean for all I know. Add in that I'm like a car out of gas. I have no mental energy to go anywhere, regardless of what it is I need. The biggest issue of all; major avoidance tendencies. Like trying to do anything I need to do is like sticking my hands into a fire. I withdraw so hard I get whiplash. So to speak. Toss some memory issues in there, like dazed and suddenly I forget what I was doing... and I have a big tangled mess that is my life and self.

So I'm just doing the best I can regardless of this. Lookin' after the little one, being exhausted every day, but it keeps me busy. Making sure I do the basics to take care of myself. Not sure what else to do with myself, or my life. I feel lost, without purpose. No direction or desire for.

I suppose that's why that one song I call my soul song, Mayday by Thefatrat, really speaks volumes to me. That and since it's stylized for outer space... yes. Please.

Anyways. I'mma do something else.

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    "We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are." - Unknown

    Great quote

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      Agreed, naturally. <3
      I am a collector of quotes.

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    Thanks for all the faves <3 Glad you like my characters~

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      M'pleasure. They are lovely, at that. <3

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      How are you, sweetpea? How has life been?~<3

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        I'm ok... Life's been ok... Hopefully next month I can start therapy for ladinessing~

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          /Picks up and squeezes/ D'aww.. I am super happy for youuuu. ^___^