Rishimia by MieythWolftear



15 September 2014 at 19:26:30 MDT

I made this a a few for a contest, but she wasn't selected and never claimed/owned so I am at a loss of what to do with her.

A few days ago I found the old reffsheet that I made for her and decided she really needed some love. As much as I like her, I am a one fursona only person and she really isn't my style for taking on as a character. My characters are always just me in a different skin really.

So... I want to sell her honestly. There is a book I want for 20 USD, and I want to be able to recoup the cost of shipping of painting to her new owner. So, I was thinking that if I could have a sale or auction, that would be great. I'd make the new owner a brandy new refference sheet (a hopefully pretty one) with any changes they want to her design, along with a little painting sketch of her, and if they want, the painting shown here.

Though, I am totally down for a good trade. Either trade her for art or a nifty book, or even a shiny necklace. I'm not too picky on this, I just want to get her to a place she'll be used and I actually get a little something outta it ;D

I really like this girl, and I think her design is pretty nifty, so I am hoping that perhaps she'll be able to go to a good home. :)

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