The 1,000,001st Fursuiter Badge! by Mewtwo

The 1,000,001st Fursuiter Badge!


3 July 2014 at 12:46:53 MDT

What started as a joke one year ago has come to fruition.

After seeing the giant 1,000,000th fursuiter badge given to Anthrocon to be auctioned off for charity last year, the topic came up with my mate furmech and my group of friends - it would be funny if someone did a 1,000,001 badge.

A commission from dragga later, and I had the artwork - very much done in the style of the 1,000,000th fursuiter badge (seen at ) - with Lucas cutting off the fur that was driving the car on that year's standard and giant fursuiter badges.

A purchase of a massive piece of acrylic, and furmech got this made. It was done and finalized on October 11th, 2013 (date-stamped proof at - just in case someone else decided to try the giant badge thing for charity again and go with 1,000,001, I wanted to show this one was done first.

Furmech was also kind enough to make a custom, massive lanyard for this, so I am able to wear it out in public while suiting! Since it was worn out in public today, and pictures taken, I figure this was the best time to go live with this.

Funny enough, this ISN'T the biggest possible badge the machine furmech was using is capable of creating...

I feel like that guy who outbids someone by a dollar on The Price is Right. Such a jackass move but it feels so good when it works.

Hope this catches a number of eyes out there in the fandom!

...and just wait until you see the idea for NEXT year's project.

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