The Mewtwo Codex: New Arrivals! (Commission by Eldrige) by Mewtwo

The Mewtwo Codex: New Arrivals! (Commission by Eldrige)


15 December 2013 at 15:25:57 MST

This art was done by eldrige - all credit to them!

This piece is for a section of The Mewtwo Codex that does not yet exist (and eldrige will be doing one more piece for another section I've yet to open.)

In one of my headcanons for how the Pokemon world would work, certain Pokemon of major purpose could have themselves recognized by the government as being too important to the world to capture. (Think things like the Legendary Birds, Groudon/Kyogre causing shit with the weather if someone were to capture some of them and leave the balance unchecked.) All Pokeballs - yes, even Master Balls - would be hard-coded to fail to work on those Pokemon with the exclusion of that Pokemon specifically seeking a relationship with a Trainer for some reason, at which point that Trainer ID would be set to be allowed to capture the particular Pokemon.

In that world, Mewtwo has been recognized as a sovereign entity, and has control over the area of Mount Quena (from Mewtwo Returns.) He will let trusted friends visit him and enjoy the area - remember, the water there has poweerful healing properties so allowing it to fall into the wrong hands, or allowing it to be destroyed, would prove disastrous. Mewtwo would also allow, on a provisional basis, Trainers who have become League Champions the privelege of visiting Mount Quena as well.

Here we have a small group of new Trainers who have become champions very recently - new arrivals - that Mewtwo is greeting and welcoming.

This pic will be used for my own new arrivals - a separate section of the Codex to cross-post new things that come into my collection temporarily.

Anyway, enjoy the rare non-smut getting posted to this gallery - and what a gorgeous piece at that!

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