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Casual Friday Gone Sissily Wrong by Mewscaper

Casual Friday Gone Sissily Wrong


28 February 2014 at 19:56:27 MST

Oh, dear, dear, dear... And such an uptight, young business professional you were turning out to be, too...

Well, not anymore. Not ever. >:3 You're co-workers had always said you needed to "loosen up." Bet they aren't expecting this!

Oh, don't be shy, boi. You'll come to love it -- they always do. Why, you may even be enjoying it, now~

So, hop along, sissy bunny boi, and show the world what a fluffy, girly lil' lapin you've become. <3

- - - - -
Character and Artwork © Mewscaper, on Paint Tool SAI, painterly-style
First attempt at a more "anthro" style