Scented Starters (Chikorita & Cyndaquil Transformation) by Mewscaper

Scented Starters (Chikorita & Cyndaquil Transformation)


17 January 2016 at 17:17:24 MST

Okay, so this brand starts off as a Christmas gag gift. Emphasis on “gag,” as most people and Pokemon gag at its scent with one whiff. But as most brands sold here, it tends to cling to its recipient’s body, and mind. The smell surrounds them and seduces them, until they can’t get enough of it. In fact, you may even find they will start producing the essence themselves, sniffing themselves into a new existence. A bit lower in the IQ department, yes, more ditzy and eager, yes, but perfectly happy.

It’s pretty nifty, no? Gag gift becomes something they can’t get enough of! First a laugh, and then love. Just be sure to clear the area before the recipient begins producing their own scent, though. You know, residual magic, and all. You really don’t want to have your own gag gift to backfire on you. Like, fwhoosh!

Don’t kupo at me. I mean it.

Anyways, you’re carrying “Scented Starters.” If your gift is a success, you may be interested in trying out some of our other essences. We’ve got numerous other lines – among the most popular are “Gloom Plume,” “Excadraft,” and “Grape.”

Just sign here.

- Mewscaper

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