Reminder Noodle: Family doesn't always mean blood. by mermaidowl

Reminder Noodle: Family doesn't always mean blood.


15 June 2018 at 01:03:15 MDT

3 am reminder noodle because today was stress and a half. I won't go in to details, but know that if your family is toxic, there are people out there, like good friends, that will always be a better family to you than toxic people.

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    I remember an old TV show titled Boy Meets World. I didn't watch it all the time when I was growing up, but occasionally I'd get a laugh out of it. One of the Christmas specials ended up talking about this very same subject, the idea of spending the holidays away from your own family, and instead: your friends. The ones you are closest to. The quote that I recall to this day: "You don't need to be blood to be family" is something I've kept quite close <3

    Wonderful work as always, love. Random sidenote from someone typing at 7:36am; if I could taste your artwork, I bet it would taste like those candy hearts with the little messages like "Be Mine". Like... A very good, sweet quality of that type of candy.
    ...I'm also hungry, so that could be influencing such a feeling.

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      I watched that show quite a bit, I don't recall that episode specifically, but I may have to go find it now.
      Candy hearts sound awesome right now. ^_^

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        I believe it was somewhere in the middle seasons, when Cory (Cody? Something like that) was still in Highschool. I also remember it was the neighbor that stated it towards the end of the show.

        Slight edit: I got curious to see if I could find the episode, but no luck. However, I did find a compilation of many of the neighbor's (Mr. Feeny) lessons.
        At 1:02 -ish, is the one I was talking about <3
        ...Though I swear it was taken place outside where there was white. Apparently I'm a little off on that, soooo it could've been a regular episode instead of an Xmas special ^^;