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Stream Batch 93-1 - AGW 1.75 - Splatoon + by MentalCrash

Stream Batch 93-1 - AGW 1.75 - Splatoon +


WOOMY! I mean VEEMO, I-I mean this is the Splatoon Streemo Batch! Went with Splatoon once again to put some eyes in my recently released Splatoon Doujin, Dr. Squidlove, which you can get at my Gumroad page.

Really fresh fun event, it's just a pity it got so many delays.

This is the 34th of the AGW Events, the previous ones being:

-Hex Maniac
-Big Sisterification
-Girl Scoutification
-Sporty Girlification
-Cave Story
-HuCowification +
-Jinako Carigiri
-Winter Girl Scouts
-Venus Bodytype
-Cat Girls
-Ranma ½
-Office Girls
-Bunny Girls
-Goblin Girls
-Orc Girls

A couple pics in this canvas are NSFW, I posted them censored here so I could post the whole canvas without having to add mature tags, if you wanna look them up check the gallery channel in my discord. These images willl also be adding into the doujin pack itself as a lil' extra, those who have already bought will receive a link as soon as I have the pack done.

1º DismalDetractor got a pic of Kodainku and Kyuranto, characters from my recently released doujinshi, Dr. Squidlove. Koda really wants to hold hands, but aaah, she's so nervous, she's so nervous :3c

2º LyhokoLeaci got a pic of Octoling Yuuno, wearing the Agent 8 uniform. speaking in her own language, she's quite confident about her victory.

3º Jackson648328 got himself turned into a Octoling gal, by me :3c if he was good before she must be a lot better now :y

4º ijones12 got a canonically correct version of a scene from the doujin I recently released, Dr. Squidlove. The character Kodainku is in kindergarten at some point, and I drew her and her classmates fully humanoid, when character that young would be barely able to stand on wobbly limbs with no fingers, so canonically this is how she'd have looked in that scene :y

5º infuscomus so I guess this is kind of a sequence to this and this, infus is in Squid Form about to accept the mission, in exchange for being squashed, but I have the suspicion those sweat drops aren't the result of concern.

6º - 1, 2, 3, 4 - theheroofdarkness got quite a bunch of things, the two lewd pics of characters Ika-Ai and Kodainku from my recently released doujinshi, Dr. Squidlove. to the right of the canvas which as I mentioned above are censored but can be checked in my discord. I'll write a better description once I make the separated versions.

Hero also got two lil' scenes serving as a sequel to this. Showing both of us having fully embraced our new forms while engaging in some splat fun with viperwing. The second pic has us in the same poses, but in our Squid/Octo Forms.

7º May-Marzo got a pic of their Jabberwocky OC, transformed into an Inkling, her dragon mouths transformed into Dual Splaties, and I guess some of her bodyfat redistributing now that she's in a smaller body.

8º ijones12 got a 5 step sequence transforming into an infant inkling, using red and white ink as a callback to the Ketchup vs Mayo Splatfest. Like the other picture, canonically transformed.

9º wakeykun got their OC Claire, in her party girl form, just chugging down the ink because of course she mistook it for a drank. Thus transforming into an Octoling.

10º Malkaiwot simply got a pic of himself freshly transformed into a fresh inkling girl carrying a Splatling, due to the motion lines and her expression you can see this has literally just happened :v

11º 7Tsuki & Bittersweet got a lil' sequence showing Tsuki making Bitter sign a suspicious contract, which of course results in both of them getting transformed, into the Squid Sisters! Callie and Marie! Ready to sign on stage as soon as the transformation is done.

Bitter also got an emoji of Octoling Aurora Dawn, which you can see at the bottom right of the page.

Second Canvas

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