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Flask of AGW 1,75 by MentalCrash

Flask of AGW 1,75


And back with a splat comes a new AGW event this saturday! Splatoon is making a come back! Since I've recently released a Splatoon themed doujinshi for sale in Gumroad, I picked my new OC Ika-Ai to advertise the event.


So, like the last time I made an Splatoon event, in this one the characters will be transformed into Inklings or Octolings from the Nintendo game Splatoon. Basically kemonomimi squids and octopi.

It will work the same as previous ones, you provide a character, which can be yourself, an OC or any character from an established franchise, getting splashed/shot at with the ink and thus transforming into an Inkling/Octoling themselves.
Characters can be male or female in Splatoon so gender is your choice. Some de-aging might be appliable depending on the character, since Splatoon characters are supposed to be kids... Or is it squids? You can go for a more mature bodytype if you prefer tho.

As mentioned before I've already made an Splatoon event, back in 2020, though admittedly the artwork does look a bit dated by now. I've drawn more examples you can see here, here, here and here.

You can also go with some of the established characters from the franchise, such as any of the idol characters, like was Callie and Marie, Marina and Pearl, Shiver, Frye and Big Man, Agent 3, etc. Whether you have a character transforming into them, or simply artwork of these characters. You can also use my character Ika-Ai if you want.


The characters are obviously supposed to turn into Splatoon characters, which are both Inklings and Octolings, whichever you want yours character to be is your choice, though it'll of course be better to keep some balance but that's kind of luck of the draw. Their design varies in inklings having two suction cups on the white part of their hair whereas octolings have them on top, inklings have an antifaz type mask on their eyes whereas octolings have marked eye mask with no connection, and lastly inklings have three fangs, two on either side of the mouth top and one on the bottom, in the center, whereas octolings have one fang up and one fang down, you can see a good picture example of all these features here.

Other Things:

-Squid/Octopus Form: For 25 USD I can add a Squid/Octopus Form, for those unfamiliar with the game, you can see the example of said forms here. The players use it to traverse through the ink. It'd of course be customized to look a bit more like your character but it'd still be fairly simply drawn.

-In-Game weapons (Might increase price) Examples: Main, Sub, Special

-Interactivity: Splatoon is a competitive game, if you want to be fighting other players by shooting ink at them that's something you can coordinate with people.

-You can see a bunch more example pics here.


The price will be 50 USD per character, meaning a before and after picture would cost 100 USD. Adding in too much detail though, with things like too many extra accessories or in-game weapons will increase the price.

To Commission

To claim a slot message me on Discord this Saturday, July the 22nd, 22:00 CEST, it makes things easier to chat through the instructions and send references.

Submission Information

Visual / Digital