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Flask of AGW 3,3 by MentalCrash

Flask of AGW 3,3


And here's another AGW Event!

This one will be kinda straight forward while having room for some variety, this month it is the 35th anniversary of Ranma ½, and to celebrate we'll have a Jusenkyo batch!

For those unfamiliar with Ranma, the premise is simple, the Cursed Jusenkyo Springs cause those who fall into them to transform when splashed by cold water, reverting to their normal selves with hot water. With Ranma turning into a Redhead Girl and other characters like Ryoga turning into a little black pig and Genma turning into a Panda.

For many people, myself included, Ranma was our first introduction to TG, so amongst the community is one of those things the vast majority of people has seen, even though the formula was quite repetitive.


The idea of the batch will be of original characters being transformed with Ranma's of course being the main feature as the water from the spring that cursed him would also turn anyone who fell into it into a redhead girl., characters from other franchises or even direct fanart of the characters from Ranma ½ if you want. Considering the other topics I draw, such as Weight Gain, Age Regression, Nerdification, Impification, etc. if you simply want a pic of a Ranma character being transformed in that manner it'd also apply.

There's no FtM spring though, so if you want to commission a picture of an OC it'll have to adjust to the forms shown on the manga/anime.

You can see examples of female Ranma here.
And of the characters who transform into animals here.

You can also check the wiki entrance on the Jusenkyo Springs here to learn about all the known variations. There's a spring that turns the character from an old man into a little kid, one that turns a fierce warrior into a frail pacifist monk, one that turns a girl into an evil goddess and so on.


The standard commission price for characters I draw is 50 USD, but if you decide to go with one of the simpler animal forms, price can vary down to 25, let's say you get a before and after picture of a character turning into a black pig like Ryoga, it'd cost 75 USD.

To Commission

To claim a slot message me on Discord on the 6th of August, 22:00 CEST, it makes things easier to chat through the instructions and send references.

As you've seen though I've had quite a shaky last few batches, and since my brother is visiting the country I can expect this batch to also be shaky. Adding to that the fact AGW events usually take longer to fill than FFA sets, it may take some time to get the whole list filled.

Submission Information

Visual / Digital