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Haruko Hana Chan by MentalCrash

Haruko Hana Chan


From the Latest Stream Batch!

LyhokoLeaci & TheRoseQueenAlexis got a... Kind of confusing sequel, or more than sequel I guess it can be considered an universe melding thing. It's the MCU? The MentalCrash Universe? Or I guess in this case is Yuuno's universe, anyway:

In the pic we can see Yuuno with a babified Alexis on her lap, this Alexis being the one who had regressed both myself and Mad-Hatter-Ison, alongside Hina Hana, another version of myself regressed by Yuuno and Liliana, a TG+ARed version of ijones12.

So, as this is quite complicated, you can see the pictures of each separated scenario here:


Full Canvas