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RPGMaker Collab by MentalCrash

RPGMaker Collab


From the latest Stream Batch!

Nassley, LyhokoLeaci, Mad-Hatter-Ison, TheRoseQueenAlexis, Viperwing, SomariaMoon, Infuscomus got a big mclargehueg RPGMaker set, starring all of them, and me, as characters from the games Ib, Mad Father and Witches House.

The list of characters being:


Me - Ib

Nash - Garry

LyhokoLeaci - Mary

Mad Father

TheRoseQueenAlexis - Aya

Hatter - Maria

Viperwing - Alfred

Witches House

Somaria - Viola

Infuscomus - Ellen

Separated Versions:
Ib, Mad Father, Witches House

Full Canvas

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