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An Elevated Perspective 8 by MentalCrash

An Elevated Perspective 8


23 August 2021 at 17:44:38 MDT

From the latest Stream Batch!

MonsoonDave, DismalDetractor, Nassley got an addition to Nassley's "An Elevated Perspective" Set, a world in which women (Or maybe just half of the population, I'm not sure), have turned into gigantic, fat futas, keeping the rest of the people around as little more than pets, dolls, doll pets, something like that, becoming both femenine and submissive as time passes. In this pic we can see MonsoonDave showing off a veeeeeery femenine DismalDetractor, who at least knows how to behave, I get to show around Nassley but even though I was nice enough to lend him my clothes he keeps trying to break free, why can't he just be cute and well behaved like Dismal?

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