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New Rabbit of the Moon by MentalCrash

New Rabbit of the Moon


Ah, here's something I had kept stored for like 10 days, today being SomariaMoon's birthday they got themselves a Patreon Reward with a new addition to the Sailor Moon set they've been getting for a while, so far you have: Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Chibi Moon, Mars, Pluto and fused Uranus/Neptune.

So, I also want to use this chance to deeply thank Somaria for all the help they've given me over this past couple years, setting up my discord server mainly, which is how I got to keep a more constant communication with my followers. Just know it wouldn't have been possible, or at the very very least it would have taken a loooot longer to set up if SomariaMoon hadn't been there.

So thank you kindly, and happy birthday!