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Bottled Twili Particles 7 by MentalCrash

Bottled Twili Particles 7


28 July 2021 at 22:38:30 MDT

From the latest Stream Batch!

Nathan B got a final step to the Bottled Twili Particles set, where Link has been turned into an imp and Midna has decided to stay as one in order for them to be together, I guess it's a proper continuation to the previous pic? Midna is now pregnant, very pregnant, and being tended to by an impified Zelda, while Link is out adventuring, or at least is supposed to, while being pestered by Imp's Helen, Tia and Natalie.

So Midna and Link are now queen and king I guess? Well, come to think of it Zelda is a princess, whatever the case, she doesn't seem peeved about being an imp tho.

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