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Still hard at work today, huh, Champ? by MentalCrash

Still hard at work today, huh, Champ?


Finally done with this pic! Mmm... And actually sooner than what I initially expected, I didn't think I'd be able to get it done before the upcoming Stream Batch.

Anywaaaaaaaaaay, this idea was pitched by Jaker17, starring multiple commissioners getting caught in a malfunction of some sort at a Galarian Poke Center, turning all of them into Pokemon! And now the power is off and the healing machine is cracked and the PC looks burnt, will we even able to turn back? o3o

Seemingly a beam going from the healing machine where I'm attending Jaker17, to a pokeball TheHeroOfDarkness is having some trouble opening, to a trade Viperwing and Mad-Hatter-Ison where making to the Poke Center's PC which Daf Arts was operating.

So, going from left to right, who's in this picture:

-Daf Arts using the PC, being turned into an Alolan Ninetales.
-Me as the Poke Center's Nurse Joy, turned into a Snivy, I guess I didn't really know what I was doing :3c
-Jaker17 being attended by me, getting pokemon Healed, then turned into a Tyranitar, it seems like she was the only one who realised there was something weird happening.
-Viperwing and Mad-Hatter-Ison where about to trade, the beam traveling from the machine hitting them as well, turning into a Cinderace and a Lucario respectively
-Turbosalt, the store's clerk, was trying to reach out for an item on one of the upper shelves, then got turned into a smol Rattata, why does the floor suddenly seem so far away? All she can do is hang onto the shelf so she doesn't fall :y
-TheHeroOfDarkness was tinkering with a PokeBall, likely not wanting to work, when it got hit by the traveling beam, turning him into a Salazzle
-Redmond17 was leaning in on the desk holding a Cherish Ball, maybe doing some shopping, but then got turned into a Female Pyroar, his... Or I guess her clothes burning away, like Cinderace's.

Again thanks for everyone who commissioned this pic, and thanks for adding me in it as well, doing all these details took quite a while but I'm pretty damn happy with the result :>