Strangers to Sisters by MentalCrash

Strangers to Sisters


30 November 2019 at 03:30:18 MST

With Age Swap Magic

Finally got around doing a compilation of the panels SomariaMoon has been commissioning over the past few months, starring her and I age swapping back and forth, first with me turning Milf mode and Somaria turned into a baby, then she gets to be the mom, then she's a little ballerina child and I'm normal age, then she's normal age and now I'm the little girl, then we finally reach a balance and both of us end up as teenagers, me as a nerd girl and Somaria as a cheerleader.

Here you can see the separate panels:

Proper Care
Pampered Revenge
She's a Natural
Bedtime Tale
Unexpected Sisterhood

Is there some sort of diagram to explain this then? Like:

Minus Minus Plus Plus
Plus Plus Minus Minus
Minus Plus
Plus Minus

Will there be new additions to this set?
Maybe, quite possibly, we'll have to wait and see :3c

EDIT: Oooh, there IS a new addition alright.