Yuri Fujo Xavi by MentalCrash

Yuri Fujo Xavi


27 November 2019 at 17:20:26 MST

Third pic from the latest Nerdification Focused sketch stream event.

IrateResearchers commissioned a female version of his character Xavier turning into a short yuri obsessed fujo, Xavi seemed to have realised there was something off with the AGW 1.1, but by then it was too late, her nerd self as said before is a short, chubby yuri crazed otaku, actually asian as well, her former orange hair is now brown with a poor dye job. And aside from the absolutely necessary lewd Alice tank top she certainly doesn't bother getting better clothes, whatever is comfy enough and fits her well, or at least kinda well :v those bike shorts look tight and her socks look quite loose.

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