Ranma Full by MentalCrash

Ranma Full


31 August 2019 at 21:41:48 MDT

First sketch from the batch of thursday's and yesterday's stream!

This one made as a Patreon Reward for BunnehWyld starring Ranma and Ryoga from the classic TG and TF themed anime Ranma ½, seems like Ranma is no longer ½ though, her hair is longer and her overall posture doesn't show a whole lot of confidence, where did her strength go? :y So she's Ranma Full now uh? Completely girly, no longer a fighter.

Ryoga instead looks like he's enjoying seeing Ranma like that, very much so :>

As you can see I'll be adding colour to the background of these separated from here on onwards, I was tired of the white backgrounds :T

The Full Canvas

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