And do you deserve to? by MentalCrash

And do you deserve to?


3 July 2019 at 12:32:08 MDT

Sixth sketch from the batch of yesterday's Stream.

Commissioned by Sorry55 acting as an AU sequel to his commission from a few years ago "You Don't Deserve To Be Happy", a 5 page long particularly thoughtful TG Comic.

Seems like Nick, or Nikki, got her boyfriend TGed as well. Did Nikki deserve to be happy? Well at the very least she didn't deserve to be mistreated by her father and be told hurtful thing by the guy, but hey, maybe he has drunk the TG concoction just once, in which case not only will she turn back into a guy, he'll create a resistance to it, that unless she doesn't keep on drinking it of course, and it seems apparent Nikki hasn't told her how the liquid works :y

Do you deserve to be happy, brub? Mmm? Do you? >:3c