DoubleShift - TG AR Project Sequel by MentalCrash

DoubleShift - TG AR Project Sequel


27 April 2019 at 18:13:16 MDT

What the title indicates, those who have been following me for a while may recall the TG AR Project comic I made with 6 years ago, to put it simple, we started RPing and I turned our message exchange into a comic, over the years we've talked a few times about doing a sequel, but it always seemed... Unlikely.

About a week ago though we started giving it more shape, maybe have it in a sketch form with pages/panels being readable on both our galleries, Wren draws one, I draw one and so on. And it being sketch pics it'd mean we'd be able to post these fairly regularly while not slowing down the rest of our work.

So could this finally start taking shape? At the very least me and Wren's character Sam Allen will be taking on new shapes, this will certainly for a super fun sequel :>

It may still take a bit for us to get the project going, I'll be busy during but make sure to check if you haven't. And read the TG AR Project comic if you wanna get up to date in the story, it's only 46 pages long >3>