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Poke Beam Troubles - Marill by MentalCrash

Poke Beam Troubles - Marill


4 March 2019 at 23:52:33 MST

New Patreon Reward! For

Another Pokemon TF pic, in this one teenage Alexis has been suddenly turned into a Marill! Who could be behind this? Could it just be an unknown side effect of pokeballs?

So you could say this is kind of a sequel to this image:
Or at least it happened within a small enough timeframe that she was still wearing the same clothes and accesories.

EDIT: And here's another addition, making this a set which will probably keep on expanding, with Alexis being now turned into a shiny Froslass:

EDIT 2: She turned into a lil' fluffy Joltik too lol

EDIT 3: And then into an even fluffier Wooloo

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