Is It Summer Yet? - 035 by MentalCrash

Is It Summer Yet? - 035


21 January 2018 at 05:38:20 MST

My oh my what a mess.

So, this page is supposed to parallel with page 01, sort of like the start of a new chapter, that doesn't mean there will be an important change in the way I format these tho, don't worry.

Donnie is baaaaack, sort of, doesn't he and Valentina make a perfect couple? Both of them being assholes and all...
Actually no, they don't, it's like two negative charge magnets.

And Valentina was supposed to be back right away, but Charlie seems to prefer going out on her own.

Oh, and Charlie's change wasn't too big this time, it's just her hair that grew back, I wonder if that is going to stop though. It must be annoying having to visit a hairdresser every single day.

Well, I'm lying by the way, there is a significative change, but I don't want to point it out just yet.

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